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Gym equipment for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department

With your donations, The Guild of Friends has been able to fund gym equipment for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department.  This consisted of a wall mounted television screen and Nintendo Wii and Wii fit with hand controls.  This will be used under supervision by children of all ages who have co-ordination problems or are recovering from sprains or fractures and children with cerebral palsy.

Play Department Art and Craft Supplies

In December, The Guild of Friends purchased £480 worth of art and craft supplies for the play department in the hospital.  We were able to supply plenty of glitter, paint, crayons, glue and sparkle for the children to have fun in the play department making lots of Christmas decorations.  A small way of helping to create some happier memories and keeping the children busy with Christmas craft activities during often difficult times in the hospital.

We support the hospital play department throughout the year.  The Play department does a wonderful job entertaining both the patients and their siblings through a myriad of creative and educational activities as well as simply providing a haven of fun.  This department depends entirely on voluntary funding for its equipment from paint and crayons to outdoor play equipment.