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Sonosite Edge Ultrasound Scanner

As a result of The Sporting Legends Dinner, The Guild of Friends were able to purchase a Sonosite ultrasound scanner for the children’s hospital. This new scanner means that fewer children will require a general anaesthetic and therefore will not need an overnight stay at the hospital.


Mothering Sunday Posies

We spent a lovely day arranging over 150 spring posies. These were squeezed into boxes and carefully transported to the Children’s Hospital. Here they were given to the children on the wards to present to their mothers on Mothering Sunday.



Mothering Sunday Posies

Last Friday, The Guild of Friends of the Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital committee came together for one of our favourite annual activities, making posies for Mothers Day.   Traditionally, every year, The Guild of Friends produces 100 or more fresh flower Mothering Sunday posies.   We fill empty baby milk bottles with flowers, deliver them to the hospital and then every child who is currently resident at the hospital has a little posy of flowers to give their mother on Sunday.


Star by Star

The ‘Star by Star’ project is a super craft activity for all the children to participate in run by the Play Department at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Chilren.  The simple concept encourages children in the hospital to create their very own star designs.  The Guild of Friends and The Angels in Art Project support the specially made ‘star boxes’, filled with art supplies and reference materials, which help the Play Department to inspire the wonderful work produced by the children.  Decorating the star is found to be a great motivator and it is often the first activity the children join in with after a long period of great illness or a large operation.  To be able to achieve something so unique is marvellous for them.  Some of the funds have been used to provide children with photocopies and sheets of stickers created from their star designs which they get to take home and which gives great delight.


Pod Support

As part of its annual expenditure, The Guild of Friends provides financial support to the Pod Charitable Trust.  Pod provides entertainment for children in hospital and this year the Guild of Friends have funded 12 entertainment visits to help cheer up lots of children.  The shows are appreciated by children, parents and staff alike and they bring fun and laughter into the Hospital at every visit.

“An excellent escape from being on the ward, my son loved every minute of it.  It is wonderful for children who are less mobile to be able to fully use the play room in this way; it’s a great escape and amazing to see a smile on their faces and hear their laughter”  Chris, Father of Ethan.

12 Dec 2013 (4)   play 113




“Having spent some time in hospital with my son Jack, we noticed a flyer advertising an entertainer in BCH.  My son had been quite upset and I thought I would take him to watch the show.  It was just what the doctor ordered for Jack, he loved every minute of it.  Fantastic use of fun in a sometimes sad situation, I fully support it.  It was great for the kids and adults, the kids laughed so much.  Well done and thank you, it has put a big smile on my boys face”  Mr Geraghty, Father of Jack

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Gym equipment for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department

With your donations, The Guild of Friends has been able to fund gym equipment for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department.  This consisted of a wall mounted television screen and Nintendo Wii and Wii fit with hand controls.  This will be used under supervision by children of all ages who have co-ordination problems or are recovering from sprains or fractures and children with cerebral palsy.

Play Department Art and Craft Supplies

In December, The Guild of Friends purchased £480 worth of art and craft supplies for the play department in the hospital.  We were able to supply plenty of glitter, paint, crayons, glue and sparkle for the children to have fun in the play department making lots of Christmas decorations.  A small way of helping to create some happier memories and keeping the children busy with Christmas craft activities during often difficult times in the hospital.

We support the hospital play department throughout the year.  The Play department does a wonderful job entertaining both the patients and their siblings through a myriad of creative and educational activities as well as simply providing a haven of fun.  This department depends entirely on voluntary funding for its equipment from paint and crayons to outdoor play equipment.


Cough Assist Devices

In October 2012 we purchased 2 Nippy Clearway Cough Assist Machines for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.  Both machines are now in use with the physiotherapy team both on the wards and in Out-Patients helping patients with their respiratory conditions.  These machines are especially important during the winter conditions and have a direct benefit to patient care.

TENs Machines

In recent years we have been able to purchase several TENs machines.  The TENs machines allow children with chronic conditions to leave hospital and return to their families, school and activities.  This specialist equipment often reduces the inpatient time and improves the quality of life of the children.

Hospital Equipment Donations — Prosthetic Mannequin Baby

All hospitals work on budgets and there are always pieces of equipment that are on a “wish list” but are not within the main budget.

Every year The Guild of Friends asks staff at Bristol Children’s Hospital what equipment is needed to assist in the care and general wellbeing of young patients.  In 2011, the Guild of Friends were asked to donate £18,000 towards a prosthetic mannequin baby able to simulate a wide variety of childhood ailments via a computer.  This was the first time that such a mannequin had been available to the medical staff and they were delighted to receive the donation.  It reinforces Bristol’s place as an internationally recognised research establishment for childhood illnesses thus providing vital training to enable staff to recognise life threatening symptoms at early stages.

Equipment Donations to the Hospital

We have contributed £20,000 for a Diomed Laser for use in twin to twin transfusion, significantly reducing the risk of death or disability to twins affected with this syndrome.  For the wards we purchased a portable saturation monitor and some new apnoea alarms, which monitor and measure children’s respiratory rates.  Most recently we have contributed £13,000 towards a new high tech baby resuscitation mannequin for training staff.